Creating Awareness about Dengue

RK Ecran, manufacturer of mosquito screens, doors and windows and The Hindu In School, in association with the Coimbatore Corporation, launched a Dengue Awareness Campaign at Devanga Higher Secondary School during October 2016.

Corporation Commissioner K. Vijaya Karthikeyan inaugurated the function by addressing 1000 students. He informed them about what causes dengue, preventive methods and the students’ role in preventing the disease. He insisted that the students should clean water tanks periodically and remove stagnant water in all disused tyres and flower pots, and in containers in which money plant was grown in homes, as well as in all small water containers in which the mosquitoes breed. He urged the students to spread dengue awareness among the family and others. He launched an awareness poster and distributed awareness flyers to the students.

Finally, he inspected the exhibits arranged by the health department and congratulated The Hindu and RK Ecran for initiating the social awareness project.

Twenty-five dengue-prone zone schools were identified by the Corporation for this activity, sponsored by RK Ecran. M. Sivashankar, Managing Director, RK Ecran, addressed the gathering and thanked all the officials behind the campaign and The Hindu . The main sponsor of the campaign, RK Ecran, was commended for facilitating the distribution of 30000 flyers to the students and posters to schools, thus creating awareness among school students about dengue.

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