Enhancing beauty of your home with RK ecran Mosquito Screen Doors and Windows

The most effective way to make your house mosquito proof is by installing mosquito screens to your doors and windows. By carefully designing the mosquito screens you can keep an attractive appearance on your house. Many villas and apartments in Tamilnadu, Kearnataka, Kerala and Mumbai have installed our custom made high quality mosquito screens.

The benefits of having insect screen doors and windows include being able to cut-down on electricity. If you use fans or even air-conditioning units, which make your bills rocket, then you are wasting money. Instead, you can have a through-draft with your windows and doors open, with fly screens fitted, to allow nature to cool down your home and get that freshness back. Having air circulating around the rooms in your home is also a good way to get rid of ‘stale’ air. Adding this ‘breath of fresh air’ can help you feel more awake and more alive due to the extra oxygen that is being pumped into your home.

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