Invention and Recent Design Trends of Mosquito Nets

invention and recent design trends of mosquito nets

Invention and Recent Design Trends of Mosquito Nets:

mosquito net is basically a meshed curtain that is draped around the bed or any sleeping area to offer protection to the sleeper from the bites and stings of mosquitoes and other flies, and consequently the diseases they may carry, including malaria, dengue and yellow fever etc. It was during the year 1880 that Sir Ronald Ross identified mosquitoes as being a vector for Malaria. The first record of malarial symptoms however dates back to 2700 BCE in China.

The usage of Mosquito nets to shield people from mosquito bites dates back to prehistoric times. Records show that the last active Pharoah of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra slept on a bed protected by Mosquito Net around it. Indian literature too finds reference to Mosquito Nets during ritual worship dating back to medieval times. The very first mosquito net were made on Egypt- and the material used was flax! Hieroglyph of Mosquito Nets dating to 2560 BC was found to be used in the burial chamber of Queen Meresank III.

Applications of Mosquito Nets:

Good living is more than just choosing the right interiors for your home and furnishing it to your fine taste. You must also be able to spend your time peacefully inside, for after all, your home is the one place you can relax and unwind after a long hectic day at work. Being annoyed by pesky insects when you want to relax can be very infuriating indeed! Which is why you need to invest in Mosquito net for the doors and windows of your home.

When choosing a Mosquito net, you should make sure to buy one that will blend in with the overall décor of your house and lift its aesthetic appeal. Also, it shouldn’t hinder the natural sunlight and air from entering in, nor stop you from enjoying the view outside.

So, a Mosquito Net that blends seamlessly with the rest of the interiors of your home, and makes for a greatly pleasing addition, and one that allows you to enjoy the view outside, unhindered and lets in natural light and air will make a great addition to your home. This provides 24×7 protection to your family members or to the team members in our office space.


Mosquito Nets finds applications in various domestic and industrial areas like home, hospitals, resorts, hotels, educational institutions, offices, industries, factories, food processing units, etc.

Home is a place where we spend the maximum time. Everyone dreams of buying their own home and decorates it to their tastes. It may be a modern home or a classic, vintage home. Whatever be the kind of home or its design, RK ecran’s Mosquito Nets will be perfectly suited to offer protection for both types of homes. Or just about any other home you can think of, whether, contemporary or conventional.

Earlier, Openable and Sliding Doors and Windows were very popular. Since 2019, pleated mosquito screen doors and windows are gaining popularity in the Indian Market. The uniqueness of this Mosquito Net is that – they can be parked in any position along the track and move back and forth with gentle touch of a finger. In late half of 2020, remote operated Mosquito Nets came into effect. These two types of Mosquito Nets can be used for large openings like balconies, garages for instance.

However careful you are about safeguarding yourself and your family from Mosquitoes, and its pesky bites, these intruders are adept at finding their way in. The cracks under the bathroom doors, ventilators in your bedroom, kitchen ventilators, rooftop vents- these are some ways through which mosquitoes will enter into our homes, ingeniously. Only a high-quality Mosquito Net like the kind RK ecran provides that offers complete protection by sealing every entry point can help keep mosquitoes from bay.


Cleaning Mosquito Nets:

Mosquito Nets for Windows can be cleaned and maintained like brand new very easily. All you need to do is spray on a RK ecran’s Mosquito Net cleaning solution and then brush it lightly. It will be sparkling clean in no time! If required, the Net can be removed from the hinges, and cleaned thoroughly. No effort is required to remove them-anyone can do it.


Why Mosquito Net Screening house is better than bed nets?

Some people may make a cost comparison between Mosquito Nets for their house and just a bed night, but this is futile. Bed Nets are only partially effective because they keep only the Anopheline Mosquito out. Whereas Aedes Mosquitoes bite during the day and they transmit diseases like Dengue. Not only that, this gives protection only during night and nap time, but for the remaining two-thirds of your time spent in your home, like reading books, watching T.V., playing or cooking, you will be unprotected. Moreover, sleeping under a net will be suffocating and during summers, it will be absolutely intolerable.

Considering the health point of view, Mosquito Net Doors and Windows provide complete protection and so it is highly effective than the regular bed net applications.

Why picking the right Mosquito Net Brand is important?

There are hundreds of sellers available in every market. Choosing the right one is not an easy task. There are very few vendors who own a Mosquito Net Manufacturing Unit and do 100% professional work, right from taking the right measurements, to manufacturing it with the help of world class technologies and perfect craftsmanship and installing it at the customer’s place and providing post-installation service support even after several years have passed.

A professional brand should give a solution that is tailored to your requirements based on the application. That should be easily operable and easy to maintain as well.

However, there are few players who Manufacture Mosquito Net products without a proper infrastructure and manufacturing standards. The Mosquito Nets so manufactured may not have the durability you desire. Choose a brand which has a huge customer base, testimonials, and expert technical team with proper manufacturing unit and professional commitment. Only the Mosquito Nets manufactured by such a vendor will be of the highest quality, durable and long-lasting.

Mosquito Net is not just a protection against Mosquitoes – but it is the start of a great and healthy living.

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