Keep a Check on Dengue by Checking your Backyard

Many Indian cities have been battling dengue but despite all the measures taken, we could witness increasing number of deaths.

Though it’s easy to play the blame game and pin the deaths and lack of fumigation on the civic body, it’s time to take a proactive approach. The real work in tackling this menace is to identify the breeding areas of these mosquitoes, which are more likely our own backyard.

One of the most common misconceptions about dengue is that these mosquitoes breed in dirty water. In fact, they breed in clean water, which is usually stored at several places in our house, workplace, etc. All that we need to do is to check for places where water is stored. It is essential to keep a check on flower pots and vases, crevices, open tanks, unattended buckets filled with water in a garden or a backyard. The civic body has been requesting the public to conduct cleanliness drives in their respective societies in order to keep a watchful eye on dengue.

A person who suffers from dengue would initially experience high fever along with a feeling of cold to the extent that s/he starts shivering. If the fever doesn’t come down soon, it is best to go for dengue blood tests along with a consultation done by the family doctor.

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