Mosquito Repellents – Probably not as effective and harmless as you thought !

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How often have we been frustrated by these ineffective means to protect ourselves from Mosquitoes? And there lingers the doubt that these could have harmful side effects and impact our health in a negative way. Numerous households however commonly use these Mosquito coils without being aware of its ill effects and health concerns.

Did you know that a study says “The smoke emitted from one Mosquito repellent coil is equivalent to those of 100 cigarettes”, thus harming a large number of people. Not many people know it, but the damage done to your health, especially lungs by one mosquito coil is equivalent to the damage done by 100 cigarettes. To put it simply, the use of mosquito coil is virtually like filling your lungs with poison.

The smoke emitted from Mosquito coils causes both acute and chronic health risks. Lung cancer risks are significantly high if you use Mosquito coils frequently. It also ups the risk of asthma, wheezing and there is every risk your central nervous system and immune system be affected when you use it regularly. So what is conceived as a spiral of protection ends up being a spiral of affliction and disaster.

Just like coils, Mosquito sprays and liquid vaporizers may not be the most effective way to keep those pesky insects at bay. When exposed to these repellents, the chemicals in them can have a detrimental effect on our health when used for prolonged periods. Heath effects after exposure include skin and eye irritations, headaches, dizziness and nausea, weakness, difficulty breathing etc. Also people who are already vulnerable or who have weak immune system, like children, pregnant women, and elderly people are more likely to be affected.

Knowing that these Mosquito repellents may cause harm, why not spare yourself and your loved ones from the chemicals and smoke and turn to an alternative that does not cause any harm and gives lasting protection to you and your home? Prominent respiratory physicians advise the use of mosquito nets to cover the doors and windows for better all round protection.  Sleeping under a mosquito net is the best non-chemical approach to protect yourself from Mosquitoes.

Can you image the long term impact on your heath if you use Mosquito coil every night!?   Too scary to even contemplate, right! So ditch the coil and switch to RK ecran Mosquito Net Doors and Windows. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and secure!

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