Natural Ventilation & Fear of Mosquitoes

A problem with the natural ventilation is the entry of mosquitoes. Shoule we close all the doors and windows just to protect ourselves from mosquitoes? No worries. We highly recommend you to use RK ecran mosquito screen doors and windows for 24×7 protection. We have them for doors, windows and large openings.

Fresh air. OOpening your doors brings in the fresh air! We spend so long in our houses, cars and offices, we forget to enjoy the fresh air. So fling open your doors and let the fresh air in.  You dont need to rely on air conditioner during non summer seasons when you creen your home with our finest quality mosquito net doors and windows. You can save huge on electricity bills too.

Sunlight. You can’t enjoy the sunshine if your doors are closed. We all know sunshine has great health benefits like increasing Vitamin D production and reducing the symptoms of depression. Natural lighting can bring down your electricity bills too.

Feel better. We all love to relax in a well ventilated areas because we feel better when we inhale fresh air instead of the stuffy air. With RK ecran, you can open your doors and windows.

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