Stop Breeding Mosquitoes & Protect Yourself from Dengue & Malaria!

Can there be anything more annoying than a Mosquito buzzing near your ear and disturbing your peace of mind, especially when you are busy with something really important. Moreover, these pesky intruders keep coming back even after you try your hardest to vigorously swat them away. The result? A spilled cup of coffee, or a crumpled newspaper you weren’t even done reading yet! If you haven’t already, installing Mosquito Net screens for your doors and windows is your safest and best bet against Mosquitoes in the long haul.

There are various ways you can keep your home a haven from Mosquitoes. As the common breeding grounds for mosquitoes are manmade containers and stagnant water, implementing few hygiene and sanitation measures will go a long way in keeping Mosquitoes at bay.

Mosquitoes love stagnant water!

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. In fact, mosquitoes can breed in as little as a drop of water. If you leave your swimming pool for a month without cleaning and draining it regularly and replacing it with new water, it can produce enough mosquitoes to infest your entire neighborhood. So keep the water stored in containers and buckets, covered. If you are collecting or storing water in the buckets, pails and containers at home, turn them over and empty them thoroughly, else keep them covered. Also ensure that you do not over water plants in your flower pots as they may become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Weekly emptying and drying of all standing water sources, howsoever small they may be, in and around houses will do the trick.

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